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Starting January 2016 we will be serving the Tampa/St.Pete area.

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Your First Discovery Flight!

introYour standard Discovery flight is your gateway to aviation. After climbing aboard one of our aircraft, the certified pilot will take you on a journey into the air. For the next half hour, you soars through the pastel skies and experience taking the controls of the aircraft. Once the journey ends, the pilot will retake reins and float over the treetops for a landing back at First Landings.

Disney Theme Parks Discovery Flight!

disneyIn this flight of imagination you'll get to experience not only the wonders of flight but also the magic of Disney. Departing south you'll get to experience flying right over the Disney Theme Parks. If Air Traffic Control allows you'll get to make a couple circuits of the parks before departing back to the north. Expect to spend 1-2 hours total for this tour. In the air you can enjoy the views or be at the controls flying the airplane.
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Space Coast Tour Discovery Flight!

shuttle_launchThe space shuttle may no longer be flying but you can be! On our Space Coast Tour Discovery Flight you'll get to experience some of the exciting views like the monstrous Vehicle Assembly Building, once used to assemble Saturn V rockets and the space shuttle. You'll get to make a low pass along the Space Shuttle runway. Expect to spend 2-3 hours total for this tour.
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Learn to Fly

IMG_9834Learning to fly for fun? Do you enjoy adventure and excitement? Maybe a Sport or Private license is for you. Looking for more advanced ratings? Already started but haven't finished? You can be a pilot for less than $4,000.

Call us today! 407-886.7612

Advanced Training

First Landings offers advanced training towards your Instrument Rating, Commercial License, CFI, CFII, Multi-Engine, and MEI.

We also offer Familiarization "Pinch-Hitter" Training. Your flying companion can be a tremendous asset. With training they can make your flying safer, easier and more enjoyable. The Pinch-Hitter course includes basic instruction in aircraft control, navigation and radio usage.

It's also great to have someone able to understand and double check what you're doing. In the event of an emergency, wouldn't it be nice to have someone in the right seat who can help rather than panic?

Accelerated Programs

Are you ready now to get your pilots license? Don’t want to wait months or years?
Are you from another country, or state where weather, flight costs, and availability make it difficult and expensive to get your license in a timely manner?
If this sounds like your situation, then our all-inclusive immersion training, accelerated pilot program is for you!
The military has been using immersion training for years with great success. Come to Florida where the weather is almost always flyable. Fly 2-3 hours per day with a dedicated aircraft and instructor. Stay at one of the many local hotels.

Leave with your license, ready to fly.

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What our clients say

I have had an Icon A5 light sport airplane on order since 2008. Delivery isn’t until fall 2012 so I had plenty of time to learn to fly. I had been researching sport pilot flight schools and not finding any good options in the Orlando area. I was almost resigned to getting a private pilot license when I ran into Chris and Adam at the Sebring Sport Aviation show. I was impressed with what they were offering and decided to train with them.

It turned out to be a great decision for a number of reasons. Adam, Chris and now Jaki are great enthusiastic instructors and genuinely great people, that are truly passionate about teaching. They have an efficient professional operation with a big emphasis on safety. The planes are new and meticulously maintained. Scheduling is easy and flexible. The Apopka airport is an ideal location for the school. I have friends that have trained at some of the busier towered airports. They spend much of their time waiting in line to take off and then are limited to the number of touch and goes. At the relatively quiet Apopka airport all your training time is spent focusing on the things that advance your aviation skills.

I was so impressed with First Landings I decided to provide their second plane.

– Dan Washburn

Dan Washburn

Dan Washburn

Private Pilot - Instrument Rated

Since I was a kid I had the desire to be a pilot and like many people it was very difficult for me to pay for the lessons. With a household of seven and all of the added expenses I kept on postponing my dream and with a military career that got very busy after 9-11 it was virtually impossible to realize my dream. I retired from the Army in February 2009 and a short time after that I found out about the sport pilot rating.

Like many I am very proud to be one of the many students that Chris and Adam trained to become a pilot, they have the utmost respect for the sport as well as a professional attitude towards the many hurdles that a student must pass before becoming a Sport Pilot. I feel that they have trained me as a PILOT nothing less than that is their commitment to the sport. I do not envy a Private pilot anymore because I feel that the training I got at FIRST LANDINGS Aviation is just as good or better.

Thanks to Chris and Adam I fly with my wife and sometimes with my kids In the Remos or the Piper Sport around Florida with the certainty that I got the best training available anywhere in the U.S. This is why today I can say to anyone who may want to earn their wings to fly with the instructors at First Landings Aviation they make this a fun experience as well as affordable like no other. Thanks Guys.

Pablo L. Torres
Orlando, Florida

Pablo L. Torres

Pablo L. Torres

Sport Pilot

After meeting with a number of flight schools, I met Chris and Adam. I decided to use First Landings Aviation for my pilot training as I was impressed with their knowledge, equipment and facilities. The training I received from Chris and Adam was top notch. They showed excellent composure throughout my training, giving me the confidence to succeed. Needless to say, I earned my Sport Certificate on the first try. I am continuing to fly with First Landings, looking forward to obtaining my Private Pilot Certificate. I would highly recommend First Landings Aviation to anyone who has an interest in learning to fly.”

– Dave Bowman

Dave Bowman

Dave Bowman

Private Pilot

“I am so grateful that I chose First Landings Aviation for attaining my sport pilot rating. The instructors at First Landings Aviation made my two weeks of intensive flight training a very pleasant experience. The Apopka Airport is a perfect facility to train at. The Remos G3-600 aircraft that you use for training are new, state of the art designs, that are not only fun and economical to fly, but expose the new aviator to the latest “glass” cockpit and state of the art electronics.

Having had the opportunity to fly with both you and Adam, I can say that you are both great aviators – in addition to being wonderful instructors. I really appreciate the efforts you went to to accommodate my specific training needs. Your training was flexible, comprehensive, and effective.

I plan on passing on the word about First Landings Aviation and look forward to flying with you as often as possible in the future. As you can see in the attached photo, I am very proud of what you allowed me to accomplish!”

Thank you again!
– Ralph Bennett

Ralph Bennett

Ralph Bennett

Sport Pilot

Our Staff

Adam Valencic

Adam Valencic


Adam came to Orlando, FL to attend the University of Central Florida, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. While at UCF Adam began plans for First Landings Aviation, earned his Flight Instructors certificate, and now focuses on teaching others to fly. Adam has amassed over 1700 hours of flight time, with over 1100 hours of instruction given. His outlook on flying is simple…have fun and show the students the safe way to fly an airplane. He is dedicated to sharing his love of aviation with the community through affordable, quality flight training, this is the driving force behind First Landings Aviation.

Jose Diaz Reyes

Jose Diaz Reyes

Flight School Manager

Jose is a native of Puerto Rico and after 15 years in the casino industry, Jose decided to attend college and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from UCF. While at UCF, Jose earned his wings here at First Landings and hasn’t looked back. Along with Flight Instructor’s duties, Jose is also Flight School Manager here at First Landings Aviation.

Devon Kroener

Devon Kroener

Chief Flight Instructor

Devon always had a passion for flying. In 2008 he began his 4-year aviation degree at Eastern Michigan University. During his time there he made the Dean’s List every semester and was a board member of the Aviation fraternity Alpha Eta Rho. Before leaving he earned his bachelor’s degree and became a Certified Flight Instructor. Prior to moving to Florida he worked as a Supervisor for a scheduling department at National Airlines. He finds great satisfaction in taking someone with the same passion for flying as his and turning them into pilots.

Cindy Guay

Cindy Guay

Flight Instructor

She was born in Canada  and she first moved to Florida in 2010 to become a flight attendant , after a couple of years doing that, in 2012 she decided to start taking flight lesson and decided she wanted to make a career of it ,she then acquired her CFI, CFII, and MEI in 2013. She currently has over 1500 hrs and 1250 hr of instruction.

Etian  Contreras

Etian Contreras

Flight Instructor

Etian is a big fan of Life and adventure. He was born in Chile and grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. Before aviation he worked as a commercial diver, a diver medic, and a hyperbaric technician. He graduated from ATP in Daytona Beach, Florida where he earned his commercial ratings. He earned his Instructor certificate at First Landings and has worked here since. Whenever he gets free time he likes to spend it with his family and loves to play with his son.

David Barron

David Barron

Flight Instructor

Dave is a flight instructor for First Landings. Dave loves to fly and has a wealth of experience in aviation, including 15 years as a Pilot Ground & Sim Instructor for American Airlines (B777-200, MD-80, and B737-800); 2 years as a Flight Dispatcher for Aviation Career Academy; and 17 years with the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA Center/Tower Controller, Flight Service Station, and Flight Standards Inspector-Operations).  He has also flown international aircraft delivery, charter, discovery flights and Part 121 & 135.

Dave has over 4600 pilot hours, and has flown over 85 different kinds of aircraft.  He is a Gold Seal instructor, with a record of successful students who have achieved Private, Commercial, Instrument, Instructor and multiengine ratings. In Spring 2016, Dave will be a recipient of the FAA Wright Award.

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A message from our founder

First Landings Aviation was founded to bring sport pilot training to the Central Florida region focusing on fun, safe, affordable flying. Our success has been based not on flight hours or revenue but on the proficient safe pilots that First Landings has been producing since its first day in business. The joy of flight is something most don't get the chance to experience, but here at First Landings you can experience that joy first hand. Since opening our doors for business First Landings has shared that joy with more than two thousand individuals and that number continues to grow every day. First Landings takes pride in offering a well-maintained, safe, and a diversified aircraft fleet. Our facilities and aircraft are state of the art, and we conduct our training in a relaxed, fun, and safe atmosphere. We promote a community that fosters our love of aviation. We organize fly-out events routinely that give everyone a reason to fly. Whether it is lunch at a local airport, an afternoon flying to the beach, or an overnight trip out to the Bahamas, First Landings and our students/customers always are having fun and expanding their horizons. We hope you join us, whether you are a new comer to aviation or a seasoned pilot, First Landings would like to be the place where you enjoy one of the greatest experiences a person can have.
- Adam Valencic

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Address: 1321 Apopka Airport Rd FBO Apopka, FL 32712
Phone: 407.886.7612